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Our Model

Started in 2013, Health Connections Mendip has worked in an innovative, dynamic, organic way to create a model which is based on trust and doing what is right for/with people and the community. We look for opportunities and work alongside people to shine a light on the things that people want more of and want to share; and to help draw energy and creativity into areas where people want to get involved in finding their own solutions to things that are important to them. By being the glue and helping create connections we have shown the impact of a can-do model that is based on trust, kindness, creativity and connections.

We have visitors from around the world with whom we share our model. We have scores of press articles, news items on radio and TV and documentaries. Sometimes the press have called our work Compassionate Frome – we call ourselves Health Connections Mendip and for the Frome work, The Frome Model or the Frome Model of Enhanced Primary Care. We work across Mendip not just in Frome. If you want to find out more, contact us and see the links below to our conferences.

Our Model Leaflet

View more information about Our Model is our downloadable PDF here.

Health Connections Mendip annual report

View our 2016 annual report. Download here as a PDF document.

Health Connections Mendip service overview 2018-2019

View our 2018-2019 service overview here. You can download a PDF document here.