Let's Connect
Let's Connect

What Matters To You?

What Matters to You? And how does this question benefit your health and wellbeing?

Health Connections Mendip have recently launched ‘What Matters to You?’ training for the local community. More and more individuals will be having conversation with GPs, health and social care professionals and health coaches to discuss this question when considering their health needs and preferences for care. However, it can potentially feel quite daunting without time for reflection and time to really think through the question. This brief one-hour training sessions is designed to provoke curiosity and to consider the range of influences on an answer. The intention is to enable conversations around personalised care to be truly person-centred, and equally to encourage open and honest communication and connections with others.

This session is for anyone registered with a Mendip GP practice.


Our Let’s Connect work is all about the power of communities to support each other by passing on information to friends, family and neighbours and with simple projects that anyone and everyone can get involved with.

If you are interested in finding out more for yourself or your organisation email or call us.

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