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Let's Connect
Let's Connect

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Our Let’s Connect work is all about the power of communities to support each other by spreading information. We don’t want people to say ‘if only I had known that’, we want people to say ‘I know where you can get help for that’. The more that we are all empowered with knowledge and skills, the more we can help each other as a community…a Mendip wide network of connections!

As part of this work, Let’s Connect have put together a series of very short training courses for the anyone and everyone in Mendip to join in and learn how they can pass on information to people in their communities; whether they are your friends, neighbours, family, colleagues or anyone you stop and chat to!

People attending these short courses do not become volunteers, it’s just about becoming part of a network of people passing on information as part of your normal daily life. Anyone and everyone can be a Connector, so far we have doctors, nurses, hairdressers, taxi drivers, students, supermarket staff and community and voluntary groups and more! Connectors become part of a growing group of people who understand that by passing on just a bit of information, it could potentially make a huge difference to someone else’s life.

All these courses can be attended for free via Eventbrite and run on a monthly basis. You can join us on one of the Zoom sessions listed on the website or arrange a small in-person training session (following Government CV-19 guidelines). Please contact us to discuss if you want a session just for your organisation or group.

Email: mendip.healthconnections@nhs.net

Call: 01373 468368