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Let's Connect

Postcard Project


Our postcard writing project began during lockdown as wanted to reach people at home. The idea of sending a short note to someone so they would know someone else was thinking about them seemed like a really simple way of build a connection. We know that for some people going to group or joining in with a new activity can be daunting. Being a part of the postcard project is just the right step for many people.

We have a small team of writers who enjoying corresponding with the postcard recipients. Most of the recipients can’t, or don’t want to write back but the postcard writers have a very good way of keeping the conversation going. We have a project worker who organises the writers and recipients and handles all the inbound and outbound cards, we don’t share addresses with either party to protect confidentiality.

We check in with both the writers and recipients regularly to gather feedback.

“Lovely getting a letter through the door, nice hearing what Christine has been up to” Feedback from a recipient.

“I like trying to think of ways to spark a little bit of joy in someone’s day – and think of new things to say that might make someone smile”   Feedback from a writer.

“It makes me feel connected as I’m housebound, I enjoy the content and it’s nice to have this sort of post.” Feedback from a recipient

 If you or someone you’re close to who lives in Mendip and would like to receive a free postcard every few weeks then please email us at mendip.healthconnections@nhs.net. Or give us a call on 01373 468368. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a writer we’d also love to hear from you.


“I absolutely love it, it brings a smile and it’s nice to hear her news.”  Feedback from a recipient