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Let’s Connect Training – sharing learning and information with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

There are so many ways that you can get involved with Health Connections Mendip and in your community. Our Let’s Connect work is all about the power of communities to support each other and spread information. The more that we are all empowered with knowledge and skills, the more we can all help each other as a community. A town wide network of connections.

Please note these sessions are designed for those who live or work in Mendip and the content is specific to Mendip so will not be suitable to anyone based outside of the area. If you would prefer general information about our service or how it is organised please have a look at the knowledge share information on our website or email

Here are the information sessions you can do. All are short and empower you with basic knowledge that you can pass on to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. It is so simple.

Community Connectors – find out about signposting to the support in your community. There is a huge amount of support in our communities but sometimes we just don’t know what is out there. This session shows you where you can find out about this support and how to signpost friends, family and neighbours. So far we have trained over 1,500 Community Connectors.

Digital Connectors – find out about the digital support in your community. You will find out how to sign up to the NHS app so you can book GP appointments online, order prescriptions and simple information that you can pass on to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours about how to communicate online.

Hearing Connectors – having a hearing aid that needs cleaning and retubing can mean someone not being able to hear. If this goes on for a while, reduced hearing well can lead to isolation and depression. This training session will help explain how to clean and maintain hearing aids and access additional support around hearing loss in the community. The Hearing Connector training is available as a 20 minute video in the Hearing Support category Of the resources page.

Healthy Lifestyles Connectors – This training session will help everyone improve their health and wellbeing, covering key messages to promote health and signposting to additional support in the community.

Warm Homes Connectors – With winter just around the corner, this session will cover key information on improving energy efficiency, reducing costs and avoiding ill health as a result of living in cold homes.

Planning Ahead Connectors–explore ideas, thoughts and feelings about planning for when we become less well. Find out about how having these conversations is everyone’s business and the more we all think and talk about planning ahead for when we are less well, the better prepared we will be as well as our loved ones. (coming soon!)

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