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Community Connectors

What are Community Connectors?

Community Connectors help friends, family, colleagues and neighbours find support in their own communities. They help lots of people get health support and advice on things like housing, education and debt advice.

Connectors can be very good at joining up local communities and providing a bridge between local people and health and wellbeing services. All Community Connectors get locally tailored training and are part of the Health Connections Mendip service.

Who are Community Connectors?

Anyone who is interested in finding out about what is available in their community and would like to pass this information on can be a Community Connector. So far we have trained hair dressers, taxi drivers, drug and alcohol workers, care workers, CAB team, adult social care workers, primary care staff, sixth form students, church congregations, peer support group members and 100s of members of the public.

How do people become a Community Connector?

You can become a Community Connector by attending a free training course. If you’d like to join the training please contact Community Connector Co-ordinator Julie Carey-Downes on email: mendip.communityconnectors@nhs.net or phone: 01373 468368

Why do we need Community Connectors?

The more people there are that know about the support that is available in the community, the more we can all support each other. There are great services in our community but sometimes people don’t know about them.

What impact has the Community Connector project had?

So far we have trained 912  Community Connectors. With an average of 20 signposts a year per Community Connector, this means that 18,240 people have been supported in Mendip by having a signposting conversation.


What are the plans for 2018?

As Health Connections Mendip is always patient-led we train the people who are interested in becoming a Community Connector. During 2018 we have training sessions planned for patients, schools and colleges, care agencies, housing associations, community police, town council staff and staff at residential and nursing homes. As well as training in Frome which is funded by the  Town council , we now have Nataliya Wills from Mendip District Council offering training in Shepton Mallet, Wells, Glastonbury and Street.

Supporting other areas

We have supported other areas of the UK and abroad to have Community Connector training by sharing our training with them.

Contact us!

If you are interested in becoming a Community Connector, please contact Community Connector Co-ordinator Julie Carey-Downes.

01373 468368